About Us

Wayne Scruggs, President began this business to establish a company based on its ability to deliver a job in a timely and cost effective manner whether by contract documents or a simple handshake.  The size of the jobs he was able to take were small but helped the company to become well established. Because of the hard work and perseverance by Wayne Scruggs, with his employees, and the faith of a few General Contractors, the company grew while outlasting its competition in the Huntsville area and making Wayne's Acoustical & Drywall, Inc. the oldest established Drywall Contractor in North Alabama.  We have grown from a range of jobs of $10,000.00 to $20,000.00 to being able to bond and handle jobs in excess of $4 million and maintain a steady backlog of work with our local General Contractors year round.

The expertise and loyalty of the office staff, the foremen and other employees of Wayne's Acoustical & Drywall, Inc. made the pride in our company show.  Wayne's Acoustical & Drywall, Inc. has been able to maintain its credibility and the characater of its employees over the last twenty five years by making our work stand and our finished product beyond reproach.

We are one of the few Sub-Contractors in this area that have a pre-employment drug screen and a Worker's Compensation Experience Modification Rating of .73, which is among the lowest in the state in our work classification.  Safety is our main concern.  While working on job sites, all OSHA Fall Protection Rules and General Safety Rules apply.  We also maintain M.S.D.S. Books and trained First Aid Personnel on every jobsite. Our awards for safety on every job speak for itself.  Jobsite Trailers, constant communication with our office by fax machines, 2-way radios, and cell phones help us maintain this mission.

We Appreciate your Business,

Wayne Scruggs

107 Yeager Court
Huntsville, AL 35806
256-851-7590 (FAX)

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